General Terms and Conditions

1. Porsche Cars North America, Inc. ("PCNA") offers prospective buyers of a Porsche Taycan vehicle ("Prospective Buyers") the opportunity to register to participate in the Porsche Taycan Deposit Program subject to these General Terms and Conditions ("Taycan Deposit Program").

2. By participating in the Taycan Deposit Program, Prospective Buyers can express their interest in acquiring a Porsche Taycan vehicle.

3. To participate in the Taycan Deposit Program, the Prospective Buyer has to register at as a participant in the Taycan Deposit Program.

4. After successful registration, PCNA will send to the Prospective Buyer relevant information regarding the Porsche Taycan vehicle from time to time. 

5. In addition, if the Prospective Buyer provides her or his consent during the registration process, PCNA will share the Prospective Buyer's contact data with the Prospective Buyer's selected authorized Porsche dealer ("Dealer") for the purposes of registering with their Dealer to place a deposit with Dealer toward the possible future purchase of a Porsche Taycan vehicle by the Prospective Buyer from Dealer.

6. After successful registration in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, and if Prospective Buyer has identified her or his Dealer, and provided her or his consent to share information with Dealer, then Prospective Buyer will receive additional information directly from their Dealer regarding the Taycan Deposit Program.

7. If a Prospective Buyer has registered and then actually places a deposit with Dealer, then Dealer will advise PCNA accordingly, and Prospective Buyer may receive additional information and promotional items either directly from PCNA or from their Dealer. 

8. Any agreement regarding any deposit placed by Prospective Buyer shall be solely between Prospective Buyer and Dealer. PCNA does not dictate the content of the contractual relationship between Prospective Buyer and Dealer with respect to the deposit and is not a party to any such agreement. 

9. Except as may specifically be described in these General Terms and Conditions, PCNA shall have no obligation to Prospective Buyer in respect of the Taycan Deposit Program. In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, by participating in the Taycan Deposit Program, Prospective Buyer shall not acquire (i) any right to purchase a Porsche Taycan vehicle, (ii) any claim against PCNA, Dealer or any other Porsche dealer, or the manufacturer for delivery of a Porsche Taycan vehicle, or (iii) any claim for preferential treatment respecting the purchase of a Porsche Taycan vehicle as compared to customers who did not participate in the Taycan Deposit Program.

10. PCNA will not accept any payments from any Prospective Buyer in connection with the Taycan Deposit Program and PCNA does not assume any liability for deposit payments made by any Prospective Buyer to any Dealer or otherwise.

11. Information provided by Prospective Buyers in connection with registration with PCNA under for the Porsche Taycan Deposit Program will be handled in accordance with PCNA's Privacy Policy available here: