New Building Construction Update 4/11/2019

April 12th, 2019 by

Construction over the last week consisted of running underground sewer and water lines, finalizing rough-ins, and placing the vapor barrier. We are creeping up on the milestone of a slab pour.

Utilities have been run from the northwest corner of the building and around the corner to Hunt Club Drive. It was a tight squeeze, but the work is complete!

More and more conduit is popping up in the showroom area. Underground rough-ins are complete!

The vapor barrier is spreading! The shop area has been covered, floor boxes have been placed, and we are forming up the front of house! With a great week of weather, expect a slab in the very near future.

Upcoming Construction

Upcoming Week Look Ahead:

  • Slab pour
  • Set steel embeds
  • Steel delivery
  • Steel erection
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