New Building Construction Update 3/25/2019

March 27th, 2019 by

Wrapping up exterior CMU walls and beginning underground rough-ins has been our highlights as of late. Masonry has been rolling, with plumbing and electrical right behind. All trades are working hard to get the slab ready.

Masons have wrapped up the majority of exterior walls and have started turning towards interior CMU walls.

The north, south, and east walls of the shop have been topped out! The west wall will continue to be used as the entrance into the shop area during the underground/slab prep process.

Floor drains have been set and plumbing undergrounds near completion! We will look to move into slab prep during the oncoming week.

Upcoming Construction

Upcoming Week Look Ahead:

  • Finalize underground rough-ins
  • Prep for slab pour
  • Slab pour
  • Set steel embeds
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