New Building Construction Update 08/23/2019

August 27th, 2019 by

Off to the races with finishes! The front showroom is receiving its level 5 finish, painters are wrapping up in the shop area, and tile is already starting to go down. We’re looking to end August with a strong week and keep the momentum rolling into September.


Tile has officially made it to the site. Autostone will be installing their own tile throughout the building! The crew is already barreling through the shop area.


Standard Glass is putting together the final pieces of the finwall system and has already made progress on the storefront doors. Just a few more pieces left to complete the storefront glazing.


Grey Interiors has began finishing on the front radius wall. In order to make the specialty Porsche paint look good, this area has to be perfect.


We’re excited to have Quantum Coatings onsite, who is no stranger to painting Porsche buildings. Early in the week, the first coat of dryfall was applied in the shop area.


Upcoming Construction

Upcoming Week Look Ahead:

  • Finish hanging gypsum board at 2nd floor
  • Continue corrugated panels
  • Continue dryfall paint and begin primer
  • Continue tile installation
  • Metal ceiling trade mobilization
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