Best Road Trip Games for Your Holiday Travels in Your Porsche Macan

December 15th, 2018 by

The holiday season has arrived! As you’re packing your Porsche Macan for this year’s family road trip from Wilmington, plan to play these favorite classic road-trip games on the way to your destination. Bonus? They’re fun for all ages, even your toddling car riders.

1. The License Plate Game: Can you spot a car from all 50 states? How about Canada?
2. Twenty Questions: Can you guess what your car-buddy is thinking of in just twenty yes-or-no questions?
3. The Alphabet Game: Can you spot something that begins with the letter A? How about B? Can you make it through the whole alphabet?

Enjoy your journey this holiday season in a Porsche Macan, available now at Baker Motor Company’s Porsche Wilmington dealership.

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