An All-Electric Vehicle from Porsche: Mission E Cross Turismo

May 7th, 2018 by

Mission E

Porsche is working on an all-electric vehicle design—the Mission E Cross Turismo—that will not only turn heads with its stunning design, but will also be powerful off road and luxurious for the everyday drive. “The car offers a special experience with its off-road capabilities”, says Ivo van Hulten, Director of Interior Design and Style at Porsche, “which means I can really take it to a special place.”

Plus, the vehicle will offer a more experiential driving environment. “Modern cars are not restricted to driving”, Ivo van Hulten adds. “With a simple app, which we would develop for the vehicle, you can book an entire adventure–whether it’s a day trip or a whole weekend–with just a few hand movements. You say: Okay, I just enter the destination, which is synchronised with Porsche. We then offer on-site charging for our electric vehicles. It involves us saying: Which route should I choose? Do I choose practically and go for the fastest route? Do I want to get to my destination as quickly as possible? Do I choose a route that takes me along the ocean? What do I want to do when I get there? Can I order a food box from an organic supermarket at my destination in advance? How would it be if, instead, the vehicle interacted with me? For example, if I get off the motorway onto a country road and activate cruise-mode and the car asks me: Should I open the roof? Would you like me to play some more relaxing music?”


With a concept secured, the next stage is production. We’re looking forward to an innovative new vehicle from Porsche coming soon!

To learn more or to check out Porsche’s E-Hybrid lineup, visit Baker Motor Company’s Porsche showroom today.

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